SOFI is seeking partnership with non-profit and government partners to support the poverty reduction efforts of the initiative. As a non-profit or government partner, you can engage in multiple ways:

  1. Join our workgroup – our workgroup supports the direct needs of our families. Workgroup members provide two functions for SOFI.
    • They have something tangible to offer our families such as transportation assistance, childcare assistance, vocational training, job readiness, after school programming, clothing, food, rental/mortgage assistance, and more.
    • They provide capacity-building support to move our mission forward. They assist with the implementation of the strategic plan such as recruiting event attendees, building partnerships with other agencies and businesses, increasing support for our youth, marketing, and more.
  2. Become an official SOFI direct-service provider.
    • Agencies that are SOFI direct-service providers are already engaged in projects that are designed to increase the household income of your families.
    • These projects could be providing vocational training, supporting job readiness, mentoring, entrepreneurial training and support, and more.